Negozio Online Ordering

What is Negozio

  • Negozio is linked to Capezio and is used to order class apparel such as shoes, tights, leotards, and dancewear. 

  • Class dress codes are listed on the site. The specific items listed are just ideas- search for your child’s favorite! 
    For example: if a class requires a black leotard, any black leotard on the Negozio site is acceptable. 


  • Passcode: 5678 

Ordering & Shipping Information: 

  • Once you know your size, follow the Negozio link to order and items will be shipped to you.
  • We recommend creating an account when checking out, as all returns or exchanges made through the Negozio site need to be processed through your Negozio account.  

Enjoy shopping! Email with questions!